BLTC Oil Painting with Progression Timeline!

NOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE: all three paintings. 12 x 12 in oil, ready to display in your kitchen!

For Sale Valentines Day 2018!
Email for pricing


I’ve begun a new series of oil paintings that will be available for purchase when finished.  I call it my “Kitchen Collection” because all of these paintings will have food ingredients that go together in some way to create the different delicious meals we eat.

These paintings will surely be a yummy addition to anyone’s kitchen decor!

Sitting 1: The sketch and wash.  I want to create something I haven’t seen out there yet and that will appeal to the “chef’s” of the home so I came up with the “BLTC” series where I will be painting the ingredients on 3 separate canvases to form the finished bacon, lettuce, tomato and cheese sandwich.  I think it’s going to be a fun, interesting, and innovative piece anyone will  find very enjoyable to look at!  Feel free to ad any comments as I begin revealing the artwork in my different sittings.  If you would like more information on this piece or would be interested in purchasing it for your home, email me at to reserve the finished product. Cost of this piece is $300 for all three paintings.

Here is sitting one…

The original sketch for the “BLTC” kitchen series in oil

“The Wash”

I’m adding more texture and color to background to give the pictures a more modern, abstract look to them. Now I’m going to let them dry a bit before adding in the subject matter…and I need to go and cook the bacon and toast! I’ll be back soon!

Sitting 2 February 13, 2012

I decided to begin with the cheese and tomato picture first. Here is just a rough sketch and foundation paint I applied to the painting today. I’ll let it dry a bit before adding any more paint so check back soon for Sitting 3!

Sitting 3 March 5, 2012

It’s been a while since I worked on this series but today I felt like playing a little bit with it.  After noticing the background was washing out the cheese, I decided to add some green to the background for contrast. I also worked on the tomato and cheese by adding some shadowing and light in the process of shaping them into form. The result is a more colorful fun picture to look at, don’t you think? It’s still not finished so check back to see Sitting 4 soon!

February 2013 finished BLTC!  12 x 12 each in oil, ready to display! Purchase all 3 paintings for $300

It took some time but I finally got busy on this collection and completed all three paintings! I made adjustments to the cheese, a you can see below and took out the curled one. I also made the tomato larger. It seemed to work better this way. Hope you enjoy the finished product! They are available for sale as a collection. Please email me at if you are interested in purchasing them for your kitchen.


Bacon & Toast


Lettuce & Mayo


Cheese & Tomato


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