“Maine Lobster House in Oil”

Sitting 1 January/ February 2012 update

I sketched this piece in January but am now going to continue painting it since I have finished my previous painting. Sometimes you have to make other paintings a priority in order to get them finished and this is what happened in this case.  I took this picture in Maine in 2010 for a photography class I was taking. The colors of the buoys on the shack are so vibrant and fun that I know I’m going to enjoy painting this scene as much as I like looking at the photograph!  Here is the sketch and photo.  I’ll be posting another picture to show you the wash I will apply to make for the background colors as well. Enjoy!

Sitting 2 February 13, 2012

Now that I’ve completed my “Maine Sailboats in Oil”  painting, I can finally begin the wash (background foundation colors) for my lobster house painting. I’ve added some blue for the sky and gray for the shack as well as the stony foreground. By applying linseed oil and paint thinner to the paint when mixing colors, I have created the consistency in the paint needed to spread freely across my canvas.  Nothing here is “perfect” and isn’t suppose to be. This initial paint is acting as a base for further applications.  The linseed oil will actually assist future layers dry more quickly as well. I’m just getting a feel for the general composition and what I call the “personality” of the subject matter in this sitting. Now it should be left to dry a little before adding any more paint. Check back for Sitting #3 soon!

Sitting #3 February 15, 2012

This was a fun sitting! I used a round sponge to apply the clouds and a sea sponge to apply the rocky forefront. I’ve also begun to add texture to the cabin and some detail to the background. The docks are giving me a challenge but I’ve always loved a challenge so I should be able to get them to look the way I want them to soon. There is nothing like painting a lovely ocean scene while jamming to WZID Classic Rock!  See you after sitting 4….

Larger version

I found the light gray color on the house needed to be a bit darker so the buoys would pop out more. See next sitting below for the results…

Sitting 4 June 5, 2012

I know I’ve been neglecting to finish this painting.  I got really into my slate painting for awhile but have really missed working on my oils. Today I blocked off some time to paint the lobster house…here are the current updates:

Notice how I added a darker wood looking finish to the house.  I still have a ways to go on this one adding in details and color so check back soon for the final painting! Until then…..

FINAL Sitting June 26, 2012

Now available for purchase!

$700 plus $35 S/H ~ Contact susanclement@comcast.net to purchase online.

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