Timeline of Main Sailboats in Oil

Timeline of : Maine Lobster House in Oil

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This page has a complete tutorial on how I painted “MAINE  SAILBOATS  IN  OIL”

Sitting 3 Date: January 6th, 2012. I took some beautiful pictures of the Maine coast in 2010 and using them to put together a New England Seacoast Collection. This painting is called “Maine Sailboats in Oil”.  This is Sitting 3 and the beginning of our journey.  The sketch and wash sittings were not photographed for this tutorial. You will be able to see all future sittings on this page.

Sitting 4 Date January 12, 2012. This painting is 24″ x 18″ in size on stretched canvas. In this sitting I worked primarily on adding in basic  color and shapes of the boats, horizon line (mountains), sailboats and foreground. I also added in light to the driftwood and reflections to the water. This is only a basic sitting.  You will see more detail in the future sittings, especially in the foreground grass area and driftwood.  I’m saving the detail in the sailboats for last.

Sitting 4

In this sitting, I added more detail to the grass area and driftwood.  I also worked in a more defined horizon line and some different shades of blue to the water.  If you look beneath the over hanging branches, you can see the shadows they are casting on the grass.  I used a fan brush, pressed down with a little pressure and lifted up very quickly to get the more “grassy” affect.  It’s starting to come to life don’t you think?

Sitting 5 Date February 2, 2012

I’ve begun adding detail to the sailboats in the water.  Despite my “winter blues” I pushed myself to sit down and work on this painting today. It actually made me feel better as I got immersed in bringing out the shapes of these beautiful boats with color and could  feel the sunshine on the water warming up my spirit.  Painting is so therapeutic, everyone should try it! I still have a ways to go on this one so be looking for Sitting 6 soon!

Sittings 6 & 7 FINAL February 12, 2012 Sunday

It’s been a while since I posted but I finally finished this piece! I’ve captured the essence of the sun’s light on the sailboats as well as a pretty good composition of the landscape.  I’ve been working on the final details on the boats as well as adding atmospheric perspective to my mountains in the background. After touching up the last bits and pieces I can now say it is finished and signed. The only thing left is to varnish it and frame it.

I’ve grown so attached to this painting but it’s time to let go and work on some other pieces I’ve begun.  I framed this painting in a graphic design program I have on my computer but I will be shopping around for a similar frame soon and post it as it actually looks in the new frame soon.  Here is the FINAL sitting.  I hope it brightens your day as it has mine through the winter of 2012.

If interested in purchasing this finished oil painting, please go to my Oil Paintings For Sale page and fill out the form!

Complete Oil Painting Tutorial “Maine Lobster House in Oil”

Current Tutorial (incomplete) “The Kitchen Collection in Oil”

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